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This is a separate room catering for up to nine babies from birth to around fourteen months in age. It has a separate milk kitchen, changing room and large sleep room with double decker [Shanti] cots. The room is brightly decorated and stimulating for the babies with many brightly coloured age-appropriate toys and activities, including push along and ride-on toys. There is free flow access from the room to a wet pour safety surfaced area and then directly onto the lawn gardens.

The Acorn Room [baby unit] accepts babies from birth, and children stay here until they are comfortably walking [usually by 14 months] but also depending on their individual development. In our baby room at Tiggers @ Tetbury we make every effort to follow your routines and requirements. Before enrolment at Tiggers we discuss and agree all of this key information to ensure we get things just right for your baby. Home visits are available upon request and are encouraged as an important part of transitions between home and nursery life. The baby unit is led by a Senior Nursery Nurse who is well qualified and experienced in providing an environment where every baby feels loved, happy and secure. Here your baby can begin to explore and discover their own individual personalities. With a maximum of just nine young babies, you can feel confident that your baby is our priority. We maintain strict ratios of adults to babies at all times, with a minimum of one member of staff to three babies. Our staff work very closely with parents to ensure every baby feels secure and settled.


The baby room and Toddlers have joint use of the beautiful, calm 18-cot sleep room, with glider chair to quietly feed babies who are due for a nap. This room is checked every 5 minutes to ensure the safety and well-being of the sleeping babies and toddlers.
Our partnership with parents is vital to us. The information you provide is used to inform our planning and helps determine the activities for your baby’s day. We aim to provide an individually tailored experience for each baby, to promote their development and well-being. We also recognise the importance of a cuddle during a busy day and make sure that the babies feel loved and comfortable. Unless exceptionally bad weather the babies enjoy the large gardens on a daily basis.

Home produced food is cooked from scratch on site by a qualified chef for mealtimes for the babies under one year, and our set healthy menu for the over ones, at no additional charge. The babies eat their meals and snacks together and meal times are a social and enjoyable experience. Babies are required to attend for a whole day so that disruption to their routines is minimal. Parents are only required to supply breast milk or infant formula for feeds, as well as nappies, pull-ups, wipes, cotton wool, and barrier creams.

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