The Music Room @ Tiggers Tetbury

Tetbury Music Room


A large empty room with safety impact absorbing flooring and floor to ceiling mirrors for extracurricular activities such as ballet, music monsters, Spanish, French and dance classes. 

A day in the life...

At Tiggers @ Tetbury we are very lucky to have a large separate room for extracurricular activities. This room is additional to play rooms and is kept specifically for the use of children and parents doing additional classes such as ballet, Music Monsters, Spanish, French, Dance, Zumba, Salsa, twins club, antenatal classes etc.


The room has floor to ceiling mirrors and gymnasium, safety impact special flooring, suitable for all of the planned uses of this room. The Pre-school and Pre-Prep children also have daily planned PE and dance lessons in the music room and enjoy exploring the bats, balls, hoops, and other equipment.

Parents will be offered classes for their children, some at an additional cost direct by the outside specialised teachers or some activities will be included in the children’s daily routines.

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